Our Services

HXMS provides a variety of comprehensive programs and services to assist Canadian Citizens and permanent residents with their interest in Chinese Culture.  We are committed to the ongoing growth and change of our clients, and we are able to provide them services in a compassionate, respectful, supportive, and culturally sensitive manner.

Translation & Interpretation Services

We offer English-Chinese translation and interpretation services to individual clients, private and public service agencies. Our volunteers translators and interpreters are professionally trained from colleges and universities. Many of them are accredited with the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia, and other accreditation bodies.


HXMS Health Service addresses the community need for health care and wellness. We provide health and wellness workshops and seminars for the members and general public, as well as organize and participate public health fairs in collaboration with health service providers.

Seniors Quality of Life Outreach Project

The main objectives of the project is to help seniors make new friends and promote mutual help among seniors; assist seniors access to community resources and participate in the communities; help seniors adjust to new environment and integrate into Canadian society.

After-school program

Many of our volunteer groups run cultural and interest classes over the years, including Chinese and English online classes. We are able to provide our clients with services such as school or educational assistants incl. Math online classes.

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