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Our program based on research found that once students get to high school, all of a sudden they are flabbergasted by the amount of math or kind of math they need to do. To improve the math learning experience of you or your child, it might be wise to consider retaining the services of our math program.

The after-school math program add value to make math practice fun. The best way of learning is through practice, practice, and more practice. Spend time and effects on homework assignments, or in-class practice sessions suite for many students who typically lacking enough homework from their day school teachers. Regular testing is also important to ensure that students master the math materials. With unlimited math questions topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet.

There are worksheet-based programs for students who are struggling with math. But what about those students who are high-performing or gifted, yearning to learn more? Our program also challenges these students by introducing them to important math concepts and giving them the foundation to tackle increasingly complex topics.

Major skills by grade

Here are some the highlights for current skills covered from K to G6.

  • Pre-K skills: Counting dots, inside and outside;
  • Kindergarten skills: Identifying shapes, counting money;
  • G1 First-grade skills: Bar graphs, addition word problems;
  • G2 Second-grade skills: Place-value models, identifying fractions;
  • G3 Third-grade skills: Multiplication facts, adding and subtracting decimals;
  • G4 Fourth-grade skills: Adding mixed numbers, calculating probabilities;
  • G5 Fifth-grade skills: Multiplying decimals, finding percentages;
  • G6 Sixth-grade skills: Variable expressions, exponents, permutations.

Don’t see your level? More advanced topics are available.

Summer program Math for G6-G8

This new Summer Math course for G6-G8 offers reviews and previews of topics that will appear frequently in the high school math curriculum. It also focuses on problem solving skills. Topics covered include:

  • Fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Place values, conversion from decimals to fractions, rational numbers
  • Coordinates and functions
  • Cartesian coordinate system, relations and functions, graphing
  • Geometry
  • Euclid’s postulates, angles, areas, volumes

Also, Problems solving with questions from the University of Waterloo Gauss contest.


  • 分数、小数和百分比
  • 放置值,从小数转换为分数,合理数字
  • 坐标和函数
  • 笛卡尔坐标系,关系和函数,图形
  • 几何
  • 欧几里德的算法,角度,区域,体积


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To minimize time and travel expense wasted in transit, the remedial math courses will host online next to your computer.

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