About Us

Hua Xia Multiculture Society (also known as HXMS) founded and incorporated in 2003 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting the well-being of Canadians and Residents.

HXMS began as educational service organization which has developed into a multi-service, multicultural agency. Our services coverage is mainly in Surrey and Delta, Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Programs are delivered to general public and in culturally sensitive ways to meet the needs of the clients.

Through innovative programming, we promote facilitate social participation of families and seniors in the community; deliver training and personal development of children; help to fight poverty and food donation; promote social change through community development and advocacy by actively contributing volunteer services to fighting poverty in the economic downturn and all-levels political campaigns.

Our Community

By contributing to your community, our community, we provide significant amount of time as Volunteers. It is our not for profit mission. We also support individuals, other institutions through affordable resources to benefit or our clients, members and general public or to assist in mutual fundraising efforts.

Sponsors 2024

公证HAIYAN(ANNA)WANG NOTARY CORP. Haiyan (Anna) Wang 604-838-8689

专业移民服务 (冠桥商务咨询)
Helen Wechat: 37944798

房贷 (Triple Gold Mortgages Corporation)
Ruby 604-537-4927

刘中医 604-537-5691

周太 778-689-5519

数/理/化/生, 英语多项课程 (Umel Academy)
709-341-7288 / 778-919-3806

To our generous sponsor: Thank You! We appreciate your support.

Keep Our Service Costs Affordable

Like most non-profit organization, The society cannot cover all of the costs associated with providing our outstanding programs by paid services alone. Trying to cover all our costs with services alone would mean significantly higher prices for general public, all of our clients and members. To donate or contribute in material, Please call Hua Xia Multiculture Society : 604-782-9207.